The future of cinema delivery


Cinema direct, the future of cinema delivery:

The Cinema Direct solution leverages 4G/5G enterprise technology in order to provide the most efficient transport mechanism for DCP deliveries as well as live streaming.

The Cinema Direct network is operated as a private APN, securely separating the Cinema Direct traffic from consumer traffic.

The entire network, from source to destination is managed, operated and assured by Telstra.

Each cinema is a managed endpoint with an enterprise-grade router and cellular modem that is secure and isolated from 3rd party networks and centrally monitored by Telstra and Cinema Direct.

The modems are configured to use advanced network priority mechanisms that allow high quality streams to be reliably transported even during peak network congestion.

Special technologies are used to assure reliability of the live streams and provide repair to lost content, thus making Cinema Direct a highly resilient live broadcast platform. These are the same technologies being used to transfer NFL, including Superbowl, and NHL internationally amongst many others.


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